It’s late August and that means the new school year is in full swing. Unfortunately, that also means some extra wear and tear on your car as you wait in pick-up lines and drive your kids off to their new campus. So we decided to put a quick checklist together so you can be sure everything with your car is ready. Follow as many of these tips as you can, and they’ll keep you on a smooth road during the new school year, while keeping your family happy and safe along the way.

Monitor your fluid levels:
Engine oil
Transmission fluid
Brake fluid
Power steering fluid
Battery fluid
Windshield washer fluid

Check the Tires

Check the tires for uneven tread wear -- uneven tread wear can hint at your car needing an alignment
Maintain proper tread levels -- use the penny test to ensure enough tread for each tire
Check tires -- before hopping on the road, check your tires for nails or other potential hazards
Check tire pressure -- maintain proper levels per the psi on your owner’s manual or usually on the driver door jamb
Maintain your spare tire -- usually located either inside the car within the trunk/cargo area or outside underneath your vehicle

Turn on the Lights
Turn signals
Park lights
Brake lights
Hazard lights

Inside Your Ride
Here are some useful items to keep in your vehicle.
Well-stocked emergency kit with first-aid essentials, blanket, water and food/survival snacks
Inflated spare tire
Lug wrench
Jumper cables

Keep Your Ride Clean and Organized

Our last tip is to take some extra steps to keep your car clean and organized. We know this is way easier said than done, but trust us it’s worth the effort. One option is having cubbies with spare school supplies ready to go in the car – in case something’s left at home. 
Another tip is to keep a stash of little garbage bags somewhere in the back of your car to discard your trash.
And always keep a pack of car wipes for those messy times or impromptu spills.

If you have any questions or need help with any of these, feel free to reach out to our service team and we will help you with whatever you need.