If you’re a lover of tech, you know it can sometimes be hard to keep up with what’s new. And it can be even harder to keep up with what’s actually good. Fortunately, Nissan knows this struggle is real and knows what it takes to not stay on the cutting edge of the automotive industry but also create technology that isn’t just hype, but benefits the customer in a real tangible way by making their life easier. Nothing exemplifies that more than the all-new Nissan ProPilot Assist. 

The ProPilot Assist is a state-of-the-art independent driving assistant that transforms what you do behind the wheel and will make your drive a breeze. This year, you can get the ProPilot Assist on the all-new Rogue and the all-electric Leaf. 
If you’re not familiar with ProPilot Assist, let us tell why this system will change your life. The ProPilot Assist is just that, an “assistant” to your driving. It’s not meant to replace you in the front seat and it’s important to always keep your hands on the wheel. In fact, if your hands stray too far from the wheel, you will be alerted. However, once you activate ProPilot Assist, your driving experience becomes so much easier. 
How? Good question! ProPilot Assist uses its cameras to clearly mark lanes and keep your car in line with the flow of traffic. It will ensure you are comfortably spaced out from the car ahead of you and safely keep you within the lines of your lane. Just keep your hands on the wheel, stay alert, and your car will do the rest. This saves a tremendous amount of stress and mental energy why traveling down the highways and will free you up behind the wheel of your car. Lane Departure Assist will help you change lanes with ease. It might all sound confusing, but once you get behind the wheel you can see just how innovative this system is.
The giood news is, if you want to get behind the wheel and try the ProPilot Assist system for yourself, we can help you. Just stop by our dealership and experience the all-new Nissan Rogue with ProPilot Assist or test drive the all-electric Leaf and see why so many people loving driving behind the wheel with this system. We hope to see you soon!

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