Is it time to purchase a new vehicle, Nissan has you covered. With Nissan, you have more plenty of options to choose from. You could go big and loud, small and simple, flashy and stunning and everywhere in between. But how do you even start? There is a lot of information to comb through, so to help you we have organized all the information into what models fit into different things you might be looking for in a car. Read below to help you in figuring out which Nissan vehicle would be the best bet for you and your family. 

Personal Sedan 
Do you want a vehicle for the city life that will help you get to and from work in a cinch and fit perfectly into those tough to get parking spots? You might like the all-new Nissan Sentra, a very affordable Sedan that works as a great first car for a new buyer. If you want something a little bigger, you might like the new Nissan Altima. A widely renowned vehicle that is perfect for everyday driving.  

Family Vehicle 
Are you looking for a family SUV that will make even your kids happy? Your first stop should be the Nissan Rogue, an affordable SUV that offers superb performance and enough room for you and your kids, whether you’re driving down to Disney or just to soccer practice. 
If your family wants something with a little more space, check out the new Nissan Pathfinder. It offers more room than the Rogue with the solid and reliable performance that makes Nissan great! 


Electric Cars 
If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly vehicle, then you should take a look at the 2017 Nissan LEAF. The LEAF is an electric vehicle and one of the most praised environmental vehicles and has a signature style that you just can’t miss. With an affordable price and a 124/101 City/Hwy rating, it’s a great deal that you don’t want to pass up on. 

Sports Car
If it’s a flashy sports car you have in mind, Nissan has got some great options. Start with the 370Z which comes both as a Coupe or a Convertible, and at a very competitive price. The 370Z is renowned for its fierce look and raw power. If you really want to impress people on the road, you also should check out the GT-R, a premium vehicle with 565hp and 467 lb-ft of torque. 

If you are interested in any of these vehicles, visit Nalley Nissan of Cumming and let our staff help you find the perfect model and trim at the best price. Browse our website or visit our dealership for more details.

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