You’ve probably heard about nitrogen inflation, but what do you really know about it? Most people fill their tires with air at gas stations. That air, however, can easily wear out your tire and cause it to lose power and resistance. Air in your tire can also be subject to the outdoor weather conditions. Extremely hot or cold weather can change your tire pressure dramatically, making your car unsafe to drive. This is why it is recommended to constantly check your tire’s pressure, a task that can get annoying. 

              The good news is, there’s another option. With nitrogen tire inflation, you can get rid of many of these fears. Filling your tire with nitrogen gives your car a variety of benefits that can affect the driving experience and safety of your vehicle. One of the primary benefits of nitrogen is that it loses pressure at a slower rate than regular air. Normal air slips through the rubber of your tire, causing you to constantly check and refill tires. With nitrogen, this happens way less often. You’ll also be able to see a noticeable difference in your car’s handling.

               Another benefit of nitrogen inflation is that you don’t have to deal with gas station air pumps that might do more harm to your tires than good. Sometimes, water vapor can make its way into your tire if the air pump is not properly maintained, which could cause drastic changes to your tire pressure over time.

               With nitrogen inflation, there’s no need to get new tires. Just bring your car into your dealership and let the service team take care of the rest. The technicians at Nalley Nissan can help you with whatever issues you need and can help set you up with nitrogen in no time.  

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