Nissan and Habitat for Humanity

Nissan takes its role in society very seriously. While manufacturing top quality vehicles is always important, giving back to the community and improving people’s lives is always the priority. That’s why Nissan takes so much pride in its partnership with Habitat of Humanity. 

If you’re not familiar with this incredible organization, Habitat for Humanity exists to provide full homes for families in need. They do this by collecting volunteers to complete every step of the construction project. It’s a labor of love that provides a life changing opportunity for those involved, and it goes a long way in Nissan’s goal of making the world a better place.   

The partnership between Nissan and Habitat for Humanity began in 2005 when Nissan wanted to help the people affected by the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina. Nissan donated $1 million dollars as well as an army of trucks and other supplies to help in the rebuilding projects in New Orleans and along the Gulf Coast. But, the partnership didn’t stop there. Since 2005, Nissan has donated over $12 million to the incredible charity and there are no signs of slowing down.

More than just money, Nissan also donates plenty of time and energy to the cause. So far, more than 6,000 Nissan employees have taken time to volunteer and together have built 63 homes for families in need. Since 2005, more than 128 thousand vehicles have been donated and over 70 thousand total hours have been logged. Most importantly, over 560 families have been served through the hard of Nissan and those who have dedicated their time and energy. 

Making cars is nice, and so is providing people across the world with vehicles they love. But there is nothing better than changing the life of a family that truly needs help. If you would like to volunteer, or would like more info about the Nissan and Habitat for Humanity, please visit 
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